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Telecom APIs

How can APIs consolidate Telco businesses?

“It’s great that the telecoms industry is talking about this important subject (APIs) and are raising issues which need to be overcome to expand market offerings”Thomson Reuters at Telecom APIs 2013

According to many Enterprises such as service providers, retailers and web-based merchants, APIs are part of a business’s foundation, offering revenue generating services through collaboration with external partners.

As the API event in today’s marketplace exclusively focusing on the telecoms industry, don’t miss the opportunity to hear over 30 guaranteed case studies from operators across the globe sharing their success stories and their failures. For those of you looking to establish or perfect a Telco Network API, this will be the ideal opportunity to learn from the experience of others.

The 2015 co-location, shares exhibition and morning plenary with the Web Real-Time Communication event will offer over 60 presentations & interactive sessions, giving you twice as many networking and learning opportunities!

This event will give telcos the knowledge and tools to:

  • Understand what developers looking for from telecoms API
  • Evaluate successful telco public-APIs
  • Meet the day to day challenges of API management: tight budgets; risk; on boarding
  • Make the case for developing internal APIs
  • Develop an API monetisation platform
  • Optimise the processes for reusing APIs to build profitable services
  • Determine success factors for Private APIs, including: carrier billing; SMS; user ID, Call Control
  • Enable M2M and IoT services with APIs
  • Make the case for APIs giving access to SDN control
  • Take advatange of the opportunities offered by WebRTC and telco API initiatives
  • Determine whether there is still an appetite for telco API standards
  • Assess the business case for working with aggregators
  • Examine the role of telco APIs in enabling cloud services


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