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Speaker Interview – Tricia Balfe, Nomos Software

Head Tricia SquareNGSP Conference Producer Anna Rys has been speaking to Tricia Balfe, co-founder and CEO of Nomos Software about her latest projects ahead of speaking at the event in Munich.

What is the latest NGSP project you are working on? Please tell us more about it

We have been working on implementing a set of interrelated APIs from TMForum that can be used to automate Telco partner engagements. The APIs cover important business activities like billing, product inventory management, and trouble ticket management : all necessary to support partner adoption of next generation services. Technologies used for the implementation of the RESTful JSON APIs include Swagger, and Jax-RS code generation using the Nomos Software RuleX product.

What telcos need to work on to provide best-in-class next generation services?

Telcos need to ensure that auromated business processes supporting access to and configuration of next generation services are straightforward and usable.

What do you think is going to be the next big ‘thing’ in the WebRTC APIs space?

Manufacturing via APIs.

What is your favourite book or film about the future of technologies?

The City and the Stars, Arthur C. Clarke

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