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Speaker Interview: Julien Grosso, Orange

Telecom APIs Conference Producer Anna Rys has been speaking to Julian Grosso, Orange, about his latest projects ahead of speaking at the event in Munich.

About Julien Grosso:

Working in Orange for 10 years. Julien is an expert in API programme management, API design and API architecture. He is in charge of the definition of the API ecosystem strategy, of the API for Information System roadmaps and of the deployment of API management infrastructure within the Orange Group.


What is the latest NGSP project you are working on? Please tell us more about it

I am currently working to integrate many NGSP as Consumer Cloud or myOrange with IT. It consists to hide the complexity of IS by providing simple “management APIs”. These APIs enable to manage Individual Customer, Order, Catalog, Inventory…. They are of course “web api”, designed in restful/json, standardized at TMF, published in a Discovery, documented online with swagger and reachable from a developer portal.


What telcos need to work on to provide best-in-class next generation services?

Telcos have to work on the standardization of “management APIs”. They must develop and provide simple, well designed, standardized, documented “web API” in self-service mode to have agility between NGSP and IT. With this, integration between NGSP and IT will be easier and faster.


What do you think is going to be the next big ‘thing’ in the WebRTC APIs space?

I am not expert in the WebRTC APIs, but I believe it will be to provide MQTT APIs for “Internet-of-things” communication. Communication between “People” is no more enough in web 3, People discuss now with “Things” and “Things” with others “Things”.


What is your favourite book or film about the future of technologies?

Enemy of the State, when new technologies and specifically Telcos make your life a nightmare! This movie is very scary, because the congress pass legislation to expand surveillance so the NSA decide to get into persons’ lives using telcos networks and there is nowhere and no way you can hide!!


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