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CLOSE UP: OpenCloud

OC_logotype_1772x472IIR: In your opinion, what is the hype surrounding WebRTC and why is the industry suddenly paying close attention?

OpenCloud: WebRTC will change the way we communicate in many situations.  That means both threats and opportunities for today’s operators – they will need to be ready to adapt flexibly.  There’s no doubt that WebRTC itself deserves the attention of telecom operators – however the hype surrounding WebRTC is simply generated by vendors trying to turn that attention upon themselves.

IIR: Could you please tell us a bit about OpenCloud and the services that you provide your customers?

OpenCloud: Used by 60+ operators globally, OpenCloud’s open, extendable products transform the telecom network service layer to accelerate deployment of competitive solutions and reduce the cost of continual evolution.  OpenCloud’s customers include multi-national groups (T-Mobile, Vodafone, for example), large operators (Telkomsel – Indonesia), smaller operators (Free Mobile – France) and MVNOs (AinaCom – Finland), mobile, wireline and converged operators (BT).

Rhino, OpenCloud’s next-generation service layer products are deployed within IMS and legacy mobile and wireline networks to solve network evolution challenges and enable service innovation.  Unlike traditional communication network equipment, OpenCloud’s products are open for extension and development by its network operator customers and their freely selected developer partners so our customers have more control of the direction, speed and cost of their network and service evolution.

OpenCloud is privately held and VC-backed.  Headquartered in Cambridge UK, OpenCloud also has presence in New Zealand, Spain, Singapore, Indonesia and Brazil.

IIR: Why are you planning to attend Next Generation Service Platforms?

OpenCloud: OpenCloud specialises in enabling fast-paced, low-cost change in telecoms operators’ service layers.  Telecoms operators are experiencing so much change already,  and there’s plenty more on the horizon – IMS, VoLTE, RCS, EU Roaming regulations and WebRTC.  OpenCloud is attending the event to link up with operators that are looking to adapt to change more competitively.

IIR: What will you share with this year’s audience?

OpenCloud: OpenCloud will show how practices that arose outside of telecoms can be beneficially leveraged within it, with real-world case studies to illustrate our solutions.

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