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Bic LogoIIR: What do you make of the WebRTC hype? Is it justified and should Telcos focus more attention towards WebRTC?

BICS:  WebRTC is a disruptive technology which will change the world of communications. WebRTC is a threat to OTTs and an emerging opportunity to Mobile Operators.

WebRTC is an open-source application programming interface (API) which supports a standardised real-time free media engine in browsers. This opens the doors for millions of web developers to utilise the available APIs and develop advanced applications with communications embedded in them.

WebRTC is platform and device independent. This offers Mobile Operators an opportunity to expand their services reachability to all consumer devices – Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet, TV etc. Operators should utilise this opportunity to develop applications offering services to different verticals with enhanced customer experience which can be achieved in partnership with web development community.

IIR: In your opinion, what are the biggest themes to emerge in 2014?

BICS: VoLTE – With increasing LTE deployment VoLTE will take Voice to a new level of High Definition experience with minimum latency, noise cancellation and guaranteed Quality of Service.

RCS – Rich Communication Services uptake will drastically increase in year 2014. China Mobile, AT&T and Verizon Wireless are committed to launch RCS in 2014. Operators should offer RCS on top of the current unique preposition of Ubiquity, Inter-Operability and Privacy management. With WebRTC inter-operability, RCS will extend its reachability to consumers all devices – offering Rich services on all devices over all networks.

M2M – M2M communications will go a level higher realising the vision of building “Connected World”.

OTT – OTT providers will consolidate, big players eating up the small/medium players.

IIR: Why are BICS participating in Next Generation Service Platforms, and what do you hope to accomplish from being at the 2014 edition?

BICS: BICS is working on the Next Generation Service platforms to offer Wholesale Carriers’ support to the latest technology implementations and service offerings in the Operators networks. BICS also has a vision to build a universal inter-working platform providing inter-operability not only towards advanced technologies like WebRTC but also towards the legacy networks.

At Next Generation Service Platforms 2014 edition BICS looks forward to share its vision for the next generation services. BICS is willing to learn operators’ strategy and action-plan for the new service offerings in the coming years.
BICS has high hope of learning innovation and its realisation at NGSP event.

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